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[Album] F.T. Island - Cheerful Sensibility

F.T. Island-Cheerful Sensibility
Audio Quality : 320kbps
cover picture + tracks included:

  1. 사랑앓이 (Sarangari; Love Sick )
  2. 행복합니다 (Haengbok hamnida; I Am Happy)
  3. 천둥 (Cheondung; Thunder)
  4. 한사람만 (Hansaram man; Only One Person)
  5. 집착 (Jibchag; Cling)
  6. 남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다 (Namjaui Cheosarangeun Mudeomkaji ganda; A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave)
  7. 하지말래요 (Hajimallaeyo; They Said To Stop)
  8. FT Island
  9. Reo Reo
  10. Primadonna
  11. 마중 (Majung; Meeting)
  12. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (Saranghaneun Beobeul Mollaso; Because I Don't Know How To Love)
  13. 첫키스 (Chotkiseu; First Kiss)

[62 MB] part o1 [61 MB] part o2


  1. Lovesick was awesome
    i first heard this song when Hongki sing it in Family outing show, and totally in luv wit it, thnks for share

  2. urm.. your love sick.. there is some problem. try listening to it

  3. um..may i ask wat's the problem? coz i've listened to it but can't seem to find any.

  4. after the song finishes..
    a few seconds after that.. it starts playing again.. i've listened to all of it and they seems to be having the same problem..

  5. oh..that..

    um..since i don't have the original cd, i can't tell if the song's made that way or someone added a few extra seconds to the end of the song. but u can cut it out if u want..
    sry..i can't do anything abt that coz i don't have the actual cd n it came to me that way. i didn't modify it either.

  6. oh haha it's okay.. thanks =) 320 is goodd! =]

  7. taking this.. thanks :)

  8. hey, thanx!!!
    u're great..u have all the latest info of my fav band FT ISLAND!!! :)

    i'll follow ur blog ya!

  9. at last! 320kbps!
    Thank you so much! =D

  10. love tis^^
    i've been findin tis 4 so long^^
    thx u vry much^^