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I'm val_cky or Val, the owner of this blog. This blog is set up because I didn't want all my downloaded files to go to waste. So I decided to share it with everyone! There will be downloads for audios, videos, pictures, etc of mostly DBSK & other k-pop artists with a slight mix of j-pop too.

I hope you'll find what you're looking for here. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!

.:. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WHEN TAKING! .:. credit this blog if possible .:. =recommended .:. all download files are below 100MB .:. MOST of my downloading links are from Megaupload .:. leave a message on my shoutbox or e-mail me at myshareofkpop@gmail.com if any links are expired .:. If you're having trouble extracting any file with the password, try re-downloading the file .:. show your appreciation by clicking on the advertisment on the right side once everytime you visit! .:.

Before you do anything or go anywhere else on this blog, please read my blog rules.

ALL passwords are RELEASED. Do not request for any password, I won't reply. The password is located at the top of each post, in RED.

There are videos on this blog that need to be joined. Some is to be joined with HJsplit after extracting the files with the password while some is to be extracted after downloading all parts of a file. You'll get what I mean after downloading the files.

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K-INFO ~ some things you should know about this blog

Nº. 1 Download links are mainly from Megaupload.
This hosting site uploads faster than other sites for me. But if you REALLY can’t use these two, just leave a message on my shoutbox & tell me which hosting site you want me to upload it to, and I’ll consider re-uploading it for you. Remember to leave your contact (e.g. e-mail) so that I can inform you once I’ve finish uploading it.

Nº. 2 MOST of the download files size are less than 100MB.
This is for the convenience of downloaders (you) & the uploader (me).

Nº. 3 There is no individual link for singles unless requested. Read Request section for instructions.
I don’t see any need to post individual link since it consists of only a few songs (and because I'm too lazy to upload individual links XP). Might as well download the whole single.

Nº. 4 Medias (songs, videos, picture etc) are not ripped/made by me unless stated.
Most of my media came from various sources all over the internet. Since some of the files are very old, I can’t remember where I took it from. So if you found something here that belongs to you, please inform me at my shoutbox or e-mail me at myshareofkpop@gmail.com. On the other hand, please do not download those videos and then claim them as yours or upload it to any streaming sites without permission.

K-RULES ~ a few simple rules that I’m sure everyone can follow =D

001. Comment
I INSIST on commenting when you’re taking anything from here. This is basic manners. Besides, commenting is simple & it won’t take more than 10 seconds. I took a lot of time downloading the files, organizing them & then uploading them,and it's all for you!! So I believe I deserve at least a ‘thank you’ when people are taking stuff from here. I get discouraged when I see lots of people downloading but no comments. Also, do not leave your identity as 'Anonymous' if possible. Seriously, comment & make me a happy uploader.

002. Credit
Crediting my blog is unnecessary, but you can credit if you like. I would appreciate that a lot. Some credits are written inside the files. DO NOT remove those credits.

003. Hotlink
You are free to hotlink any images as long as it is not a GIF image. I don’t usually upload GIFs on blogspot because then, the animations won’t work. If the bandwidth is exceeded, others won’t be able to view them and it isn’t easy uploading it so many times. So I suggest that you save the GIF image onto your computer & re-upload it if you wanna use it somewhere else.

004. Ringtone Request
You can request for max. 2 ringtones per request by filling up the request form below & sending it to myshareofkpop@gmail.com with the subject titled ‘Ringtone Request‘. Please allow 1 week for me to complete your request. I might extend time of completion if needed. Leave your contact (e-mail) so that I can inform you when your request is done. Check my list of songs to see if I have the song you want. If I don’t, please provide me the song by sending it through e-mail. I will post the completed request on my blog. Please comment after I finished your request.

Request Form:
Link(if I don’t have the song):
Length: [__sec]
Note: [___] describe what part of the song it is from (ex. GDs rap; from TOP to GD at approximately 0:00 to 0:00)

005. Advertisment
If you enjoy downloading from my blog & appreciate that I'm sharing my files, please help me in return by clicking on the ads on the right side or the top of this blog once every time you visit. Clicking on the advertisments won't cost you anything. Make me happy in return for my hard work. If you've clicked the ads, I wanna thank you very much. You're the best!

006. Joining files
Recently uploaded files are split using winRAR. So, you'll need to download all the files first, then put them in the same folder and extract them out with the password given. Some of the files (usually those uploaded long time ago) needs to be joined with HJsplit before you can view the file. After downloading the program, open it and you'll see a Join button on the menu. Some of you might experience problems extracting the files that you've downloaded. Either check whether your caps button is off or re-download the files.

Download HJsplit
Download WinRAR