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I'm val_cky or Val, the owner of this blog. This blog is set up because I didn't want all my downloaded files to go to waste. So I decided to share it with everyone! There will be downloads for audios, videos, pictures, etc of mostly DBSK & other k-pop artists with a slight mix of j-pop too.

I hope you'll find what you're looking for here. Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day!

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Before you do anything or go anywhere else on this blog, please read my blog rules.

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There are videos on this blog that need to be joined. Some is to be joined with HJsplit after extracting the files with the password while some is to be extracted after downloading all parts of a file. You'll get what I mean after downloading the files.

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I've opened this section for ringtone requests. You can request for ringtones & my friend, chooiling will make it for you.
You're allowed to request for max. 2 ringtones per song per request.
Please allow one week to complete your request. I'll notice you for some extra time of completion if needed.
Please provide me the song that you want to make as a ringtone if I don't have it. Check my list of songs to see whether I have the song you want.
You can send the song by giving me the link or through e-mail.
Fill in the form below and e-mail me your request at myshareofkpop@gmail.com with the subject title 'Ringtone Request'.


Link or e-mail attachment of song (if I don't have the song):
Length: __sec
Note: [___] describe what part of the song it is from (ex. chorus part from XY to XX at around 0:00 to 0:00)
Your e-mail:

Here are a few ringtones:

Are You a Good Girl ver 1 28sec
Are You a Good Girl ver 2 29sec
Crazy Love 15sec
Mirotic Preview ver 1 19sec
Mirotic Preview ver 2 32sec
Mirotic-Yunho & Yoochun Rap 13sec
Don't Say Goodbye (from YH to CM) 28sec
Don't Say Goodbye (only Yunho) 6sec
Hey! (1st chorus) 33sec
Survivor (JJ 1st chorus) 17sec
Wasurenaide (JS) 31sec

ALL ringtones are made by my friend chooiling, so please credit her when taking out.

I've put up all the ringtones into one download folder: Mediafire


  1. hye val~~!
    hrm, i want to download the ringtones...
    but if u could upload in MF files can??
    i'm having problem with the sendspace link...
    so really hope that u can upload it for me...
    thx dear in advanced~! oh and i have a request~!
    n also if u wanna upload it in MF files too~!^^

    ARTIST & SONG:DBSK - Don't Say Goodbye
    Link or E-mail (attachment):nanito_uknow@yahoo.com
    Length: not sure
    Note: i want the yunho part only where he sing "you're me love you're mr soul" part...
    hope this is enough information for you dear~!^^

  2. I received your request. Working on it now!

  3. hai val~ luv da ringtones that i request that time....really2 luv it...khamsamida~!
    okay me back with more request....

    DBSK - wasurenaide
    the length at the 1st part of the chorus...
    the 1st chorus that junsu sang it...
    hope this is enough 4 u...

    DBSK - Hey Girl!
    the 1st part of the chorus too...
    hrm that's all 4 today...hehehe2...

    hope i don't bother u with my request here~! mianhe chingu~!^^

  4. again i just realized that u don't have the wasurenaide songs so i will give u da link to download it kay...here it is...

  5. naju,

    actually, i've just gotten the songs..hehe
    sorry for not updating the list..so many things on my hands these days..but yeah, I've received your request.
    and from now on, my friend chooiling will make the ringtones. she'll do it by next week. i hope you don't mind waiting coz her line's down now ^.^

  6. omo! mianhe yo~
    i thought you did'nt have the songs..
    it's okay just take her time and say hi from me to her kay~!

  7. hey i wanted to thank you for doing this you made searching for music like this so much easier

  8. please make me a ringtone ANY of this songs will do judst fine


    suju-pajama party

    suju-cooking cooking

    suju-super girl

    wondergirls-so hot

    wondergirls-tell me

    2ne1-i don't care



    suju-don't don

    please any for them will do.. maybe you can just cut the chorus part or any part that you feel cool with.. i just can't get enough of kpop.. soo please please :)
    you can notify me at pe3r27@yahoo.com
    that eadd applies to all my facebook,friendster, email and even to my yahoo messenger,.. thanks much! your great! :)