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[Admin] ALL About K service

Motto: “Honest & Trustworthy”


  • To help those who don’t have a credit card to purchase things online.
  • For those who don’t want to risk their account details being exposed.
  • We encourage purchases of Korean albums from Yesasia (YA) because it counts towards the K-chart and support the artist.
  • To save your time browsing CD stores and surveying the prices. We have usually do that for you & our prices won’t be too expensive. YA also offer discounts and are most likely cheaper than CD stores.
  • To provide you with albums that you can’t find in CD stores near you.
Status: Trial project

1. THSK - The Secret Code (2CD+DVD) Malaysia edition
Price: RM55 (no service fee)
Content: 2 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 photo booklet, 1 Chinese lyrics booklet, 1 coaster (4”x4”)
Extra: FREE pocket calendar
Price comparison: Movie Magic, Speedy, Rock Corner, Tower Records – RM54.90

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2. TVXQ – MIROTIC (Platinum Special Edition) Malaysia edition
Price: RM50 (no service fee)
Content: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 photo booklet, 1 TVXQ folder
Price comparison: Tower Records – RM53.90
Preview:(sorry for the shaky/blur pictures)

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3. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (version A/B/C) Korea edition
Price: RM46 (service fee applies – 10%)
Content: 1 CD, 1 photo booklet/photo diary (info according to Yesasia)
Price Comparison: Rock Corner – RM99 (Taiwan edition), Yesasia – RM70 (Taiwan edition)

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*Shipping fee not included in price stated.

This will be our first project to find out on the demand for the service we are offering. We’ve decided to give this plan a try-out to see if it will be a successful one. If the response turns out good, we will continue with this & ‘official-ize’ our service. That means this isn’t the official opening of our service yet, if you get what I mean. Our target is to get 5 or more TSC album orders. So, we are counting on the support from you guys to make this a success!

THSK - The Secret Code (2CD+DVD) Malaysia edition
If you’ve noticed, the price of this album sold in CD shops is similar to our price (RM54.90). Plus, we are giving you a free pocket calendar on top of the waived service fee. This pocket calendar is only available if you buy the album through us. You can even state the preference of member you want for the coaster, but it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get whoever you wanted & it is a first come, first serve basis. Why we are doing this, you might ask. It is because we want to prove ourselves honest and trustworthy. Since we just started this, we would like to show our sincerity in providing this service to you. Therefore, for this trial project, we are not charging any service fee yet (excluding Sorry Sorry). The reason why you should buy the album is because you not only get to own the album for a cheaper price (compared to Korea/Japan edition), but you are also supporting our dearest artist. They do gain some profit out of the albums sold. Moreover, the more Malaysia edition albums sold, it shows that we have a big fan base here (and might convince the organizers to have the 3rd Asia Live Tour concert here! XD)

Details on how to place an order HERE.

TVXQ – MIROTIC (Platinum Special Edition) Malaysia edition
Because I don’t see this edition being sold just anywhere, we are now helping those who want this edition of the album but unable to find any. Plus, the photos on the book are so colorful and lovely that it is a must-have and it comes with a special folder with TVXQ picture on it so you can drool over them & show them off to your friends!

Details on how to place an order HERE.

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (version A/B/C) Korea edition
As of now, we don’t see much of Super Junior’s 3rd album being sold in CD shops. I’m sure that some of you are dying to get your hands on the album after it’s been released for so long but can’t do so. The songs are really addictive (Sorry Sorry!) that you just gotta own one! So, we bring you this service. Unfortunately, we would have to charge service fee for this one. The only shop we saw selling the Taiwan edition of this album sells it at RM99 (double the price!). And since it’s not the Korea edition, the purchase doesn’t really count towards the k-charts. If you buy from us, you can avoid burning a hole in your pocket & you also get to contribute towards the album count of your favorite artist. Now, doesn’t that sound great? So don’t hesitate to order the album through us now!
*Please bear in mind that YA only offers free shipping for orders above us$39 (approx RM137). You won’t have to pay for shipping if we can get more than 4 album orders.

Details on how to place an order HERE.

How to place an order: (it’s as easy as 1-2-3!)
1. You can either fill out the order form & e-mail it to us at myshareofkpop@gmail.com. But be sure to include your e-mail if you are using the comment method. If you are using the e-mail method, please title your e-mail as ‘Order Form’.
2. After we’ve received your order & check that there are available stocks, we will inform you to send the money to us according to your payment method. Only after your payment is confirmed, we will place the order on YA or purchase the item you requested.
3. After the item reached us, we will immediately contact you for collection and the item will then reach you safely.

Order Form:

Contact number:
House address:
Order: (Qty) x Item name
Payment method: cash deposit / meet-up
Collection method: mailing / meet-up
Order of preference: (only applicable if ordering TSC album)

*Please fill in the form completely. All the information given will be kept private & confidential.
*Please do not send us the money until we have confirmed your order.
*Please underline and/or bold the quantity of order.

Please refer to this example form:

Name: Mable Lim
Contact number: 019-1234567
House Address: 105, Apple Street, 48012, Selangor.
E-mail: mable_lim@gmail.com
1. 2 x THSK - The Secret Code (2CD+DVD) Malaysia edition
2. 1 x Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (version C) Korea edition
Payment method: cash deposit
Collection method: meet-up (Date: 17 May; Time: 2pm-5pm)
Order of preference:
  1. Jaejoong / Yunho <=since there are 2 orders for TSC
  2. Yunho / Yoochun
  3. Changmin / Junsu
  4. Junsu / Jaejoong
  5. Yoochun / Changmin

If you choose to pay through cash deposit, please kindly inform us after you’ve bank-in the money & send a clear picture of your receipt with your name to us. If you can’t send a picture to us, fill out the ‘Receipt Form’ below and e-mail it to us. If you choose the meet-up method, place of meet-up is at KL Central station. Please state the date & time you’re available, preferably on weekends and between 10am and 8pm. For collection, if you choose the mailing method, we would strongly recommend you to opt for Poslaju rather than normal mailing service. This is because you can check your items as soon as possible and in case there are any defectives on the item, you can send it back to us so that we can send it to YA for an exchange quickly.

Receipt form:

Name: (as written in your order form)

If you have any other items you wish to purchase from YA, do tell us & we can help you get the item. If there are any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at myshareofkpop@gmail.com

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  1. Status of order (Quantity):

    THSK - The Secret Code (2CD+DVD) Malaysia edition: 1

    Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (version C) Korea edition: 5

    Order will be placed in early June.