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I'm val_cky or Val, the owner of this blog. This blog is set up because I didn't want all my downloaded files to go to waste. So I decided to share it with everyone! There will be downloads for audios, videos, pictures, etc of mostly DBSK & other k-pop artists with a slight mix of j-pop too.

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[Magazine] Singles Magazine - Jan 2009

These are scans/pictures of Singles mag featuring DBSK. All the pictures are of DBSK only.

For the 1st version, it's a mag scan from an original mag. Contains 10 HQ scans excluding Changmin's picture & a few others.
Version 2 has all or most of the photos from the mag included in it. This is my own collection of photos from everywhere. So there are a few photos repeated. Total pics is 65+31+34.
I'll try to find for complete scans of the magazine & upload it if I have.

Preview (from version 1):

[80 MB] version o1 [51 MB] version o2

Please leave a comment when taking! This is basic manners.


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